Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 243 [Cousins Squared]

These two cutie patooties are cousins.
Jaime and Angie are my cousins. 
They are sister and brother, thus making their kids (pictured above) cousins. 
All about the cousins!
You'll recognize the little guy as my daily side kick. 
The little girl is my cousin's Angie's little girl who I had the pleasure of keeping an eye on for a few hours today.
I had to laugh, when I got the camera out ready to take this shot, she lit up like a Christmas tree!
The girl knows what to do in the presence of a camera.  I like that!

Day 242 [Giada Recipes]

Yesterday was one of those days.
The kind where you hang out at home with nothing particular going on.
I enjoy those days but they prove hard to find a good subject for my photo a day project.
I have been watching Giada At Home on Food Network a lot lately.
She has some great recipes and I'm trying them one by one.
Last night after dinner I decided to make her Blueberry & Mascarpone Turnovers.
These were delightful little treats and a huge hit with my boys!
I reheated the left overs today.  My son had a friend over and he mmm'd and aaaah'd while he ate them he loved them so much.
I will make them again, but next time I think I'll bake them in the oven rather then deep frying them.  I found that when I reheated them in the toaster oven today they were a little greasy, plus baking them is just a bit healthier.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 241 [Arts & Crafts]

Came across this on the kitchen island.
I'm not quite sure when it made it's appearance, but there is sits.
Come to find out, it's a penguin wind chime that Bailey and the little guy made at VBS back in July.
Apparently the little guy didn't want to keep it, so Bailey has it.
Still uncertain as to why he's on my kitchen counter, but he's OK to hang there for a bit.
Being that he's kinda cute and all.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 240 [Nature]

This afternoon, while my husband was reading his book by the living room window, he called me over to check out all the tiny birds in the tree by the garage.  There were dozens of them, some hanging upside down like from the branches.  I quickly grabbed my camera, put the zoom lens on and bolted back to the window.  The little buggers are quick movers though.  Just as I would focus in on one it'd take off.  It was at this point I turned to look at the tree on the right looking out our living room window.  I hoping to see some of them in this tree and get a better shot since it's much closer to the window.  While I was scanning the tree I saw him!  He was looking right at me.  Shortly after capturing this he bolted for the roof of the house.  We then saw him peeking over the gutter looking down into the window at me.  It was so funny.  I was not able to capture that, as much as I would have loved to have had that moment in time frozen forever.
Nature, such an amazing thing!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 239 [US Amateur]

Spent the day with my, loves all things golf, husband at the US Amateur Championship at Chambers Bay golf course.  He scored a sweet pair of VIP passes for us.
This gave us VIP parking, all day access to the hospitality tent, which provided breakfast, lunch, snacks and any drink you can think of, Fabulous!  VIP porta potties....these were simply amazing!
I have never graced a porta potty of this calibur.  I would imagine these are the type of porta potties the Clinton's had at their daughter's wedding last month.  As I opened the door to what I assumed would be a larger then normal stall, I found myself standing in a room facing three 6-panel wood doors.  Inside the individual stalls they were dressed with granite look bottom half walls, mouldings and such.  Quite fancy.  They offered two sinks with mirrors in the 'lobby' area of the porta potty.
We also had VIP shuttle service to and from the tent to the course.
I had never been to a tournament before and found it quite enjoyable.  The only mistake I made was my choice in footwear.  Honestly, I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't the hills and amount of walking we did.  My super cute flip flops I wore had my feet sore in no time at all.  Next time it will be a good pair of tennis shoes! 
We arrived home with sun and wind burned faces.
Certainly a day to remember and I was happy to see the delight in my husband's face as he took his the tournament.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 238 [Copper Cappuccino]

While out and about with my hubby today, we pulled up at an intersection next to this.
It was quite amazing and had us wondering where it was going to.
I'm so happy that I am in the habit of carrying my camera with me everywhere I go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 237 [Classy!]

I love slippers as much as the next person.
I love that you can go simple or fun.
I love the warmth they provide.
I love them in the privacy of my own home!
I don't get why other grown ass adults find it necessary to wear slippers out in public.
It's like they are a 3 year old who refused to put on their big kid shoes to go to the store.
All I have to say is, Kudos to you lady for being my photo for the day!

Day 236 [Squeaky Clean]

We had the carpets cleaned.
They look much better then I could have done with my little machine.
Unfortunately the major trouble spots are still spots.
Only resolution to that is replacement, but that's not currently in the cards, so wait we will.
The added benefit to having your carpets cleaned is the house smells clean too!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 235 [Strike Zone]

Today, when my husband was messing around with his laptop, he noticed this.
He looked at me and said, "Look, strike zone.  When you are mad at your computer this is where you are suppose strike it!"  Every day....he makes me laugh.

Day 234 [Seventeen Years]

August 21st marked 17 years of wedded bliss.
We spent the day with no set plans.
We went where the wind took us.
It was heavenly.
We made a hospital visit to see the newest member of our friend's family.
They named their cute little man Michael.
My Michel was a bit disappointed to see the a in his name and finds it odd saying the name relating to someone other than himself!
From there we headed to lunch.  We decided that Zeeks Pizza was in order since it played such a huge part of our past year.  Having made it a goal to visit every location in the area.
We chose the Kirkland location, walked around a bit after lunch before heading south.
Michel decided to take the I-90 floating bridge over to the city to head to Pike Place for a stroll and search of something sweet.  It took us over 30 minutes to get across the bridge, usually a 10 minute drive, tops.  The 520 bridge was closed so that created major traffic jams on the 90.
We strolled through the city, herded through the market with all the tourists, ended up on 4th & Seneca at a Starbucks for a drink.  While we were sitting at the window bar table facing the street we saw the 3 buses leaving by police escort from the Fairmont hotel transporting the Green Bay Packers to Qwest Field for the game.
We took in a movie then enjoyed the rest of the evening at home.
Just me and my husband, spending time together.
Nothing contrived, or forced, the perfect way to spend our special day.
Love you baby!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 233 [Sunrise....Sunset]

On my way home from picking up our teen boy after a day with the church youth group, the setting sun caught my eye.  I quickly made my way to an area where I could capture it.
I loved the composition of the clouds and the sun sinking into them.
I love photo editing as allowed me to manipulate this photo to appear how I wanted it to.
Love, love!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 232 [Ice, Ice Baby...]

Now that you have the song stuck in your head....ha, ha!
My running endeavor with my husband continues.
We have not gone out every night, but we try to go 2-3 times a week.
I'm improving on my distance and I am happy to report that tonight I went 1.6 miles in one shot.  I have been consistently going 1.4-1.5 miles, but usually in 2-3 intervals.
I was a very happy girl when I made the 1.6 in one shot tonight!
With the running comes some pain in my right shin.  I have found that icing it for a while after our run helps. 
Vanilla Ice, ice baby! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 231 [Cluck, Cluck]

Today we, along with some friends, went to a local petting farm.
It was a great find by my friend and the boys had tons of fun!
Bunnies, goats, horses, hens, peacocks, sheep, and a pig!
They got to feed them all.
They had hand sanitizer all over the place to keep us free from germs.
I got a good chuckle out of the hen sitting next to this one.

Day 230 [Before & After]

While printing off new photos for these frame trios I bought at Pier One a few years ago, I decided they needed a new look.  So, I got out my paints & brushes, then went to town.  I love them so much more now painted and distressed. 
It really is about the little things.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 229 [*$ crew]

We sought refuge from the heat at *$ (that's Starbucks' text acronym, learned that today) this evening.
It's nice to be able to head up there after Michel gets home, sit in the A/C while on our laptops using their wifi.  Gotta love online Scrabble.  Made for a fun night.
These beautiful ladies are just 3 of the fabulous crew that serves us daily.
We certainly love our *$!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 228 [Free Air For Life]

Today my husband and I couldn't stand to be in our sweat box of a house, so we headed to the Tacoma waterfront in search of lunch.  We had planned to dine on the patio at The Ram, as we love the food and atmosphere there, but the 50+ minute wait at our arrival time of 2 pm made us bail on that idea.
We walked up the waterfront park to a burger and shake shack for our meal.
I think it turned out to be the best idea!
Cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate milk shake while sitting on a bench in the shade facing the Sound was perfect!  We ended up on a bench next to a dive group getting ready to head out for a dive.
I was mesmerized by all their gear.
When my eye caught this one oxygen tank I knew it had to be my photo for the day.
free air for life
Gives me a chuckle.

Day 227 [Mandatory Time With Mom & Dad]

We made yesterday a mandatory day with Mom and Dad for our 15 year old!
He prefers to stay home when we offer him an outing with us, but yesterday there wasn't a choice.
We ventured out, first stopping by my husband's Grandfather's grave.
Bailey, nor I, had ever been.
We then headed over to a local brewery, Red Hook, for lunch at their pub.
Upon our arrival they had a huge family event on the front lawn with a little kids musical act.
Tons of families with small children everywhere.
Our son thought it was odd a brewery had a family event.
We had a decent lunch.  Picture was taken while we waited for our table.
It was HOT out!  We chose inside dining rather then patio dining.
After lunch we headed over to the mall.
I was in need of the all important eye color.  Picked up 3 new ones! ;)
Bought my husband some new running shirts.
Bailey was delighted to come home with 4 new pairs of jeans.
I'm able to get him to wear the fashion forward jeans with cool pockets, much easier then I am my husband.  He is now into the young men's department.  $$$
Thankfully the jeans were all 40-50% off.
It was a good family day and I think the boy survived mandatory M&D time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 226 [Water Ways]

It was a perfect summer day for some fun time on the lake.
Bailey had planned to bring 4 of his friends, which had me adding the third row jump seats to the car, all for not!  Only one of his friends was able to make.
With the two of them along with the little guy, it was more than enough boy action for me!
They had a blast and all played well together.
I did have to giggle prior to leaving.
This is the second time Bailey has gone to the lake with a dark skinned friend.
I have the boys lather up with sunscreen prior to leaving.
I could tell by the lacking ability of rubbing the sunscreen in by his different friends that they don't usually wear sunscreen.  ;)  I talked with both of them about the benefits of sunscreen, no matter the color of your skin or lack of 'burning'.  Hopefully I've educated them both and they now know if they go with me, sunscreen is a must!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 225 [Bottom or Top?]

I like bagels.
Specifically I really enjoy a cinnamon raisin bagel.
I do not usually partake in an entire bagel though.
So, I'm faced with the delima....
Top or Bottom
This causes me much pause and contemplation when going to fix myself a bagel.
I know I could always cut the bagel in half and enjoy half a top and bottom, but somehow I feel like I'm not getting as much bagel.
Obviously I have issues!
Tonight...the Top won out. =)

Day 224 [Moody]

Yesterday was just a bad day =(
Mid day I got into an ugly fight with my son that just sent the rest of the day into a funk.
I spent the better part of it in my studio, emptying the last of the boxes I had packed up.
I also decided to do something different with the window treatment.
I took the two panels I have and wrapped a cornice board, that's been stored in the garage for 7+ years, with the panels.  It's not my best work but good for a change.
Placing the cornice up pretty high really gives the effect that the window is much taller then it actually is.  I like that!  Plus it keeps all that natural light free to come in.
Hoping today will bring a better overall mood to the house and a much better photo for the day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 223 [Game On!]

Game on buddy!
It was a Sorry! battle today. 
He won the first, I won the second.
The tie breaker game, naming the Sorry! champion for the day went to......
Better luck next time little guy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 222 [Running]

Today my husband emailed me asking if I wanted to go for a run this evening.
I have been walking the big hill in the mornings with a friend since May and when we part I run about a half mile toward my house.  My husband has been talking about the need to get into some fitness routine since he doesn't feel that his regular golf game really qualifies as fitness.
I have never gone running with him so I was an experience.
I have found that I'm really more of a jogger than a runner.
You know, I'm more then OK with that.
My husband did good about listening to me and running ahead.
I told him before we left the house that he didn't need to keep to my slow pace.
He's quite the gentleman, so I'm sure his instinct was to lag behind with me, so I was happy he did what he needed.  I'm hoping to make this a regular thing and maybe get our teenage son out with us!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 221 [Moose]

Took my parents to the Mariner game today.
We had great seats again...always makes taking the game in more enjoyable.
When we arrived the roof was closed and just before the first pitch they opened the roof.
It's much nicer being there with the roof open.
This is also Seafair Weekend here in Seattle.
Hydro races on Lake Washington with the Blue Angels performing in the afternoon.
We were delighted during the game with seeing 2 of the Blue Angels fly by the 'Safe'....unfortunately I didn't have my camera at the ready when they flew by and if you have ever seen the Angels you know you have limited time to capture at their lightening fast speed!
Another great afternoon logged in the books.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 220 [Delightful Bites]

A warm, tasty, bite of chocolate goodness!
I have taken to making my brownies in my mini muffin pan now and love the mini bite size way they turn out.  I dusted these with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
A delightfully delicious bite after dinner.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 219 [Funny Bone]

One of the things I love most about my husband is his sense of humor.
Today, after getting the mail, he took the appointment reminder post card from the dentist and made it humorous as well as much truer!
The best part...our dentist's name is Dr. Rich!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 218 [All By Myself]

My boys went to the Mariner's game tonight, my scrapping buddy couldn't make it, so I have a fabulous evening for just myself!
My chick flick, "When in Rome" arrived in the mail today, thank you Netflix!
I made myself some fresh pasta, grilled green beans and a french baguette for dinner.
Poured my water into a Royal Caribbean glass...wishing I was on a real vacation somewhere.
Settled in on my sofa, ate my dinner and watched my movie.
It was devine!

Day 217 [Lights]

We were optimistic about catching the Northern Lights.
The news had said that they may be powerful enough to possibly see them in our neck of the woods.
We didn't/couldn't wait until late enough for it to be the darkness for maximum viewing.
Apparently that's between midnight-2 am, this was taken at 9:25.
So I got a good sunset picture instead.

Day 216 [Stella & Dot]

Stella & Dot
Love the name and now I love the jewelry!
Went to a jewelry party at my friend's house, lots of fun things to look, touch and feel.
Ordered a couple pair of earrings to add to my earring holder.
I really should have gotten a photo of me with the fabulous co-hosts but I failed.
Instead I present the earring page of the catalog!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 215 [Cat & Squirrel]

I was sitting at the dining room table when some commotion in the backyard caught my eye.
Two squirrels went running after one another from my patio, into the flowerbed and out the other side.
When the second squirrel emerged from the flowerbd he/she came face to face with the cat.
This is not our outdoor cat, although it might as well be, as this cat has taken up residence in a certain spot on our back lawn.  They both froze and faced off for a good 2 minutes, lucky me!
I was able to grab my camera and shoot a few frames before the squirrel dashed up the fence and took off.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 214 [It'll Keep]

Last night, while sitting on the sofa watching some quality TV, I glanced over to see the dinner dishes sitting in the sink and on the stove.
My dishwasher left to go out of town yesterday afternoon.
For more then 15 years we have a fantastic arrangement.  I cook, he cleans.
So, when he's not here the cleaning is left to me.
Sure, I could have had the teen boy do it, but I didn't.  So there they sat until I get to them sometime today.

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