Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 335 [Christmas Cards]

Last day of November...WOW!
Special Happy Birthday shout out to my uber fabulous Goddaughter!
Happy Birthday Kennedy!  Love you!
Today I got the last of the Christmas cards addressed, stamped and mailed out.
I'm super happy with how great they turned out and I must say...I LOVE Costco!
With my $5 off coupon, I purchased 100 cards, with envelopes, for under $24!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 334 [Tree Trimming]

My boys decided to give me full rein of decorating the Christmas Tree this year!
What fun!
Since neither of them had an interest I took the time today while they were at work/school to make the bare tree beautiful.
I long to do a theme tree and a second tree with our collection of ornaments over the years, but for now I will stick to the one tree.  I sort of meshed the two styles together. 
I used the red/gold balls I bought last year that graced our staircase railing and used them on the tree along with a careful selection from our collection of ornaments.
It was really enjoyable to have full control of tree trimming this year.
I'm sure this will be a new tradition *smile*

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 333 [Macy's Star]

Part 3 of our Friday festivities.
The final event of the night was the lighting of the Macy's Star.
It was very cool how they did it.  It started with the top of the star being lit first, then it fanned out until the long bottom tail was lit.
At that point the fireworks started to end the show.
We had a perfect position on the street to take in this event.
We were as close at you could get to the Macy's store, right at the baracade, dead center in the street.
It was awesome!  We had great view of the tree and primo view of the star.
Just as the fireworks began, so did the rain.
We were more then happy to head to the car and make our way home for some hot dinner.
The rest of the weekend was enjoyable as well.
Saturday we had dinner at my Mother In Law's house, afterwhich we stopped in for a quick visit with our friends, the Rosemonds.  It was a late night.
Sunday was a bit of a relaxing day.
I started the holiday decorating process, Michel and I went for a run (our first in 9 days, due to the snow and holiday) while Bailey met up with some friends at the mall and took in a movie.
Now my boys are settling into the bed to start their work/school weeks.
Tomorrow I will be getting the decorations on the tree...neither of the boys really has any interest in doing it, so I will crank the Christmas music and spread holiday cheer around my house, while doing laundry and other Monday chores!

Day 332 [Westlake Tree Lighting]

Maybe it's cheating, but I'm going with it.
I am taking a break from the camera for today and tomorrow to post about out family day out.
The tree lighting at Westlake Center was fun to take in on Friday.
It's something we have always wanted to do and I'm happy that we made the commitment to do it.
I got this shot of the tree after the festivities were over and we were making our way through the crowd to our car.  We had to pass by the tree so I was able to get a closer shot then from where we were standing.
The lighting itself was fun.  It took a while for them to get to it, with all the festive musical acts they had prior to the lighting.
We were just happy when the time finally came as it started to rain as soon as the Macy's Star was lit!
More on that for tomorrow's post...

Day 331 [Family Day Out]

We made Friday a Family Day Out.
Too bad our adult daughter was working and unable to join us.
We went into the city, Seattle, to take in the holiday festivities.
Parked near Westlake Center, walked down to Zeek's near the Space Needle for a delicious pizza lunch.
Walked back to the shopping district to mosey in and out of the shops filled with holiday shoppers.
Took a good long break in a Starbucks enjoying a hot beverage and watching the people walk by on the street.  Took our son to see the amazing building that houses the library downtown.
Stopped in at Borders for some leisurely browsing.
We then headed to the street to stake our claim on a primo position to take in the lighting of the holiday tree and Macy's star.
More to come tomorrow....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 330 [Turkey Day]

Turkey Dinner Day has arrived!
Today is a day we reflect on all we are thankful for in our lives, spend time with our loved ones, eat way too much food and just be together.
I'm thankful for a very blessed life.
We traveled to my parent's house for a delicious dinner.
We enjoyed a friendly game of Mexican train dominos after dinner.
The boys (cousins) played some kid games together then setteled in to watch a movie together.
It was a thankful and enjoyable turkey day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 329 [Fall/Winter]

It's fall with winter weather!
We are still in a deep freeze here.
Snow is covering everything and now the remainder of fall is falling on top of winter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 328 [Gobble, Gobble]

Since I'm snowed in today, I made up these little guys.
When I saw them on this blog I knew I had to make some up for the pilgrims on Thanksgiving!
They turned out so cute and were the perfect little project to do while watching tv on this otherwise homebound day.
You still have time to make some up for the pilgrims in your life! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 327 [Seeing Red]

The beauty of a gift!
I saw this ceramic cup at 'my' Starbucks store last week.
I didn't buy since I have a daughter who works for Starbucks, I requested she pick one up for me....may as well make good use of her discount! ;)
She told me no problem, they had 20 or more at her store.
She had the next day off and when she went to work the day later all that were in her store were scooped up and purchased by a single lady.  Not that I blame her...just look at that beauty!
Bummer for me.
So I posted to Facebook my desire for this cup...my daughter was on the hunt.
I have GREAT friends...seriously, great!
Many texted me, commented on my FB post, etc., asking if I had gotten the cup.
When my friend Mary texted if I found one, I sadly had not, she promptly told me she found 2 at her Starbucks and bought them!  She brought it by my house today, snow day and all!
She wouldn't let me pay her for it either!
Thanks Mary! 
You are so sweet to remember me during your Starbucks run and even sweeter for making my day brighter!  I will enjoy my new cup for a long time with sweet hot drinks! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 326 [First Snow Of The Season]

Today we are getting our first taste of snowflakes for this season.
El Nina seems to be showing she will be giving us quite a winter here in the PNW.
It's been snowing since I took this picture late this afternoon and isn't showing any signs for stopping.
I'm curious to what the morning will bring.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 325 [Mt. Si]

The man and I took a little drive to the foothills today.
Our destination was the outlet mall in North Bend.
This was the view from the parking lot.
I believe that's Mt. Si, but I may be wrong.
In any event, the views of the hills from there are amazing!
It was cold today and the mountains have all gotten snow, enough to open the ski resorts...before Thanksgiving!  Not a common event in these parts.
We headed into downtown Seattle after this for a day of browsing in the stores and just being together.
I 'heart' days like these.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 324 [A Little Texture]

A texture shot of a large vase I have in my foyer.

Day 323 [Hairy Situation]

He got his haircut last night.
There's not as much hair to cut these days.
Seems to be less and less each visit to the chair!
He would like to just shave it, I'm not quite ready for that.
The good husband he is, he keeps what hair he does have, for me!
After his cut, he commented that it seems his hair is more grey then brown these days.
I didn't have the heart to tell him, it's been that way for a while!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 322 [Ariport Pickup]

I picked up a wonderful package at the airport today.
My husband!
He was gone for two nights and I'm happy to have him back.
He was down in L.A. for business.  Too bad for him, he had to leave the sunny 75* weather to come home to 45* rain and wind....with a potential chance for snow this weekend.  
While he was away I had to endure a wind storm that left me a bit on edge all by myself...well, I did have the 15 year old here, but he's not much comfort at night. 
I will be resting much better this evening with my love next to me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 321 [Starbucks Peppermint Brownie]

This morning, while waiting in line to order my morning Starbucks, my eye happened upon a delictible treat in the case.  The Peppermint Brownie has returned to Starbucks for this fine holiday season!
One just had to come home with me, so I ordered one up!
I must say, it's delicious and I have absolutely no guilt over enjoying this treat as much as I did! 
I will have to limit my desire to devour too many of these this holiday season, but I figure a few between now and Christmas can't hurt! 

Day 320 [Stormy Night]

Sitting in the family last night I was listening with fright to the sound of objects pelting my house!
I was fearful that I would hear the sound of shattering glass, especially on the garden window, but thankfully we made it through the evening with all windows in tact!
At one point in the evening, there was a sound against the house so loud I had to see what it was.
Sitting there on the patio, narrowly missing the garden window was that large tree limb.
The backyard looks like a war zone this morning, but on the upside, all the fence panels are still in the upright position!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 319 [December Daily]

I took my freshly purchased number spots and got busy finishing up the bones to my December Daily book for 2010.
Last year I did a December Daily using recycled old holiday cards for my base.
I then added photos for each day and a quick jot of my thoughts for that day.
It's very similar to my photo a day album, just on a much smaller scale and made into a mini album versus and larger album.
I'm happy with how the bones of this book have worked out, I'll add the link to all the pages once I get pictures taken and it uploaded.  Likely a project for tomorrow.

Day 318 [Handmade Goods]

Last night I went to a fun event.
It was a holiday ladies night that offered food, conversation, and if we so desired some handmade goods for purchase.  My good friend E was there with her deliciously wonderful paper crafts.  She offers most of them on her Etsy shop...you should check it out! 
I walked away with some terrific number spots and chipboard tree cutouts for my December Daily book.
I also couldn't leave without this devinely knitted scarf with the fun felt flower pin, made by the most gracious hostess...Sally.  She's working on getting an Etsy shop up and running. 
Handmade goods = Love!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 317 [MIA Returns]

MIA is not her name, she's been Missing In Action the past week plus.
This cat has more lives then any other cat we have ever owned!
She's like the energizer bunny.
Years ago, when she was just a 2 year old cat, she disappeared for more then 3 months.
Her disappearance came shortly after her sister disappeared by what we assume was from the coyotes.
We figured she met the same fate.
Then, one day while my husband was mowing the front lawn, 3 months after we'd last seen her, he saw her going around the back of the neighbors house across the street.  They had moved out several months before so the house was empty.  Michel followed where she went, they had a pet door leading to the garage, the door was unlocked and sure enough, that's where she'd been all this time!  There were plenty of mice in the fields around our house to keep her fed. 
She never disappeared again for any length of time after that, until over a week ago. 
She hadn't been at the back door for breakfast or dinner for over a week, so we figured her 12 year life had come to an end.  She hasn't spent anytime in the house for the past 2 years, not by our choice.
She just prefers to be outside and so we let her be.
Tonight, our son was heading upstairs when he looked out the window and saw her running down the street.  He hollered, There's TOM!  busted out the front door and went after her.  I followed and sure enough, there she was.  Meowing her head off but not wanting to come near us.  I finally got her to get close, picked her up and brought her in the house.  Fed her some food, which she ate up in a hurry, then promptly headed to the door and cried to be let out! 
So, she's back to the great outdoors.  We only hope to see her in the morning for breakfast.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 316 [Fall Morning Sky]

It was quite honestly a gorgeous fall morning.
Hard to believe that the beginning of today looked like this considering how it looks now.
Dark and wet!
I was heading up for my morning Starbucks when I had to dig my camera out of my bag to capture the sky.
It took my breath away.
I love how those white clouds just skim across the sky like that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 315 [Love Around My Neck]

My uber fabulous husband presented me with this much coveted necklace for my birthday.
Love it!
I have worn it every day since I opened it up...the night before my birthday.
Lisa Leonard creates amazing pieces if you want to look at getting something for yourself or a loved one.
I'm beyond happy with my 'through my lens' necklace.
Thanks honey...You ARE the best!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 314 [Pheasant]

After returning from a late in the day errand, I grabbed the chicken I had taken out for dinner and took it over to the sink to clean and prepare for roasting.  When I looked out my garden window I saw this bird sitting on my fence.
It is adorned with the most amazing colors, most fluid movement and amazingly soft sound.
It walked around on the fence for a bit until the neighbor cat jumped up on the fence and chased the bird until it took flight into the neighbors yard.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 313 [Pretty In Pink]

Flowers from my party on Friday.
Pretty in pink.
Love how the water is pink as well.

Day 312 [Thank Yous]

Worked on thank you cards today.
I'm very pleased with how these turned out.
Now I just need to add the personal messages and send them out.
Don't you just love the color combo?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 311 [gifts!]

I was showered with wonderful gifts from my fabulous friends and family.
Really, they outdid themselves and I feel so blessed to have such generous and loving people in my life.

Day 310 [4-OH!]

Yesterday was the day I waited for all year long!
My 40th birthday and party.
It was a most spectactular day and night.
The day was spent shopping with my husband for party food, lunch and party prep.
At 6pm I slipped into my party dress and prepared to greet my guests.
7 pm they started to arrive and the fun began!
I couldn't have asked for a more fun evening, in my home, surrounded by the people who love me most.
Friends and family.
Turning 40 is a new chapter in my life that I plan to make the best chapter yet!
Thank you to all my loved ones who celebrated with me last night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 309 [Fresh Cut Grass]

This is my front lawn.
My loving husband did this after mowing today in honor of my birthday tomorrow.
Seriously, this is a HUGE thing for him to do.
As he put it, 'you have to be quite special to have me mess with the lawn, and you are.'
He is hands down the BEST man!
Love you so much honey!
Thanks for the special lawn message, taking such great care of me and loving me the way you do! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 308 [Party Favors]

Someone in our house has a birthday on Friday....a BIG birthday! 
(it's me!)
Since there will be a celebratory party for this big event I have decided to make some party favors for the guests.  I'm so excited for how these have turned out. 
SUPER cute! 
There will be a share of these later.
**Here's the share!**

Day 307 [The Holiday Cup!]

The holiday cup has arrived at Starbucks!
I love the holiday cup.
It's the marker that the Season is upon us.
Let the holiday spirit begin!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 306 [Rain, Wind, RUN]

Lisa and I after a wet and windy run!
We took a shorter route tonight due to the weather, but I know we are going to have to eventually go further in the yucky weather.
The headwind going out the first half was bad...so bad I felt like I wasn't going anywhere...just standing still moving my arms.  It was much more pleasant coming back.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a dry day, so we will go for longer distance...I'm thinking 2.5 or better tomorrow.  
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