Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 120 [The Last Page of The Last Song]

It hasn't even been a week and I'm already through the book.
Guess I didn't keep my 'promise' to my husband to 'make it last'.
In all honesty, it was too good to put down!
Fabulously written, so emotional, insightful, just a lovely story.
It left me with a tear stained face.
I don't think I have ever sobbed so much over a book.
I'm tempted to see the movie, I'm just really irritated that it means watching Miley Cyrus!
Blech!  I'm just not a fan of that girl.
We shall see...maybe I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119 [Fabulous Friend!]

I have fabulous friends!
One in particular made my day today!
One Miss Diana
She jumped in friend ranking today, that's if I was actually shallow enough to rank my friends, which I don't, but if I did...I'm just saying.
I walked into 'my' Starbucks today for my morning 'coffee'.
When I went to pay the girls told me I didn't need to as it was already paid for.
Since my husband has done this for me on several occasions, I naturally thought it was him.  Imagine my surprise when the girls told me that it wasn't him.
They were told to tell me it was my Tall Blonde Friend.
No name given.
Didn't take me long to figure out who it was as Diana is just fabulous like that!
To have someone do something so nice, unexpected and thoughtful has touched me so deeply.
It was a touching way for her to let me know she was thinking of me.
So, a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Diana!
You are a treasure for far more then a free drink....this just sweetened the pot!
Love ya!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118 [Here Kitty, Kitty]

As I was walking by the window this afternoon this caught my eye.
It's a recently rediscovered kitty toy, one that he really likes.
This little guy easily fits in his mouth to be carried and tossed around.
When I saw it perched so perfectly on the window, basking in the sun, I wondered how long it'd been there, if my kitty knows it's there and how long it will be before he pounces.
Doesn't it look like he's just hanging out on his own free will taking in the afternoon rays?
Makes me smile.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 117 [Pottin' That Barn]

Some love arrived in the mailbox today in the form of the Pottery Barn catalog!
Tonight I'm gonna sink into the couch with my laptop, some TV and thumb through the slice of heaven that arrived in the mail.  There are so many delictible things I desire from the barn that I'm considering a part time job there soon so I can get a discount on all the things I want!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 116 [Rockin']

I was busy today with household chores that I hadn't given my camera a second thought.
Tonight I grabbed it and took a few photos of random things, when I was walking through the front living room the rocking chair caught my eye.  The lighting on it spoke to me, so this became my photo for the day.  I love it when my photo is of something that just speaks to me.
This was a wedding present we got from some dear friends, 17 years ago this August.
It's made by Amish folks and I love my rocking chair!
It's a bit country, but has worked well in our varied decor tastes over the years.  It's been in the living room with our rather traditional furniture for the past several years and it flows beautifully with the other items.  This chair is also extremely comfortable.  Many people don't think it looks comfy until the sit in it then don't want to get out of it!
What's got you rockin' today?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 115 [Body & Mind]

Much needed for both my body and mind.
I have a commitment to myself to lose 40 pounds by 40 years old.
Well, I'm quickly running out of time!
As of May 5th I will have exactly 6 months to achieve said goal.
Honestly, at this point I will be happy to lose 20.
I have started my walking again, now that the weather is improving outside and I have heard nothing but good things about Jillian Michael's Shred workout, so I'm going to give it a try.
I picked it up along with some weights.
I know, 3 pounds is 'wimpy', but I have very weak arms and figure I'll start off small and increase to the 5 and 8 pound weights I own from my previous years of actually being fit!
I picked up a new book today as well.
I was torn between this one and Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.
I have read all of Sophie's books except for this one.
I love them!
Fantastically great reads.  FUNNY!  I have literally laughed out loud through several of her books.  They are the kind of books that I devour in a few short days.  The kind that everything goes to hell in a handbasket because I can't put the book down!
Since I was torn between the two and not willing to purchase both today, I had my husband decide for me.  He thinks I should try something new and the other one later.  He also suggested that I make the new book 'last' for a while.  He really likes it when I join him in bed at night for reading, but gets frustrated as I plow through books so quickly. 
So, here's to exercise for the body and mind!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114 [Soap]

I needed new soap for the kitchen sink.
I found a fabulous smelling rosemary mint that needed a much prettier dispenser then the one it was packaged in.  So, after dropping the soap into my cart I headed over to the bath section and picked up this beauty.  She's glass and I love her 'old' style pump.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 113 [Date Night]

Friday night, Date night with my honey.
We met some friends in Bellevue to bowl Lucky Strike.
We had a quick bite at the bar, a few cocktails and lots of fun playing.
I actually beat Michel one game...
that's a first!
After bowling we headed over to Ruth Chris for another drink and some easy conversation.  A great way to end the busy week. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 112 [From the Dashboard]

From the dashboard is an idea I got from the ever fabulous Ali Edwards.
Great perspective.
Don't we look like a happy bunch in the morning on our way to preschool drop off.  WOW!  No smiles, no fun....I'll have to do something to change this scene tomorrow morning.
I added a pencil sketch effect to this picture.
Certainly helps to 'hide' the fact that in the real picture I'm totally out of focus.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 111 [Cup Love]

Every morning I make a stop in at my neighborhood Starbucks.
I L.O.V.E. the staff that works there....and they love me too!
I have evidence of it many times a week.
Makes me smile =)
I like the fact that I can walk in and they know exactly what to make me, I order the same thing everday.
They have really become like family to me as I see their smiling faces every morning.  My name is usually all that's written on my cup, but one barista in particular, AnneMarie, always gives me cup love.
I love my cup love!
Last weekend when Michel and I stopped in for a drink she put cup love on both our cups...Miss Julie with a heart and Mr. Mike with a smiley face.  There was a young man waiting for his drink at the bar (we refer to them as bar huggers...don't be a bar hugger, it's not cool!) when AnneMarie placed our drinks on the bar.  He noticed the cup love and asked why his wasn't the same.  The exchange between the two was fun to watch.  AnneMarie was sweet as ever but totally not into this guy and he was reaching for anything to stay and talk longer to her.  AnneMarie is quite the pretty lady, so it didn't surprise me, but seriously, she's WAY out of his league! 
Nice try Tad...better luck next time! ;) 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 110 [After Errands]

Ran errands this morning.
A trifecta of shopping.
Costco, Fred Meyer & Top Foods.
About an hour to unload, unpack and put away.
Cupboards, fridge and pantry full of food....what a wonderful thing!
This is how I look not long after all of this....not too worse for wear.
Happy Tuesday....don't's Glee night! =)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 109 [Interest Bearing]

When you over pay your taxes by $200 in February, as we did, you will get a refund check in the mail mid April with .....  Interest!  WOW!  79 whole cents...I'm beside myself!
Guess I should be happy to just get my money back...right?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 108 [Fore!]

Today I joined my husband while he went to golf.
Since I'm not a golfer I didn't participate in the actual golfing portion of the day, I just strolled along with him and snapped away with my camera.
It was gloriously quiet and serene out there on the golf course.  I'm happy I went along for the stroll.  Spending time with my guy always makes me happy and seeing him in his element made it all the more special.  Love you honey and nice form!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107 [Spring Cleaning]

Today we spent some 'quality' time in the garage.
The beast that has housed years worth of crap that we rarely give a second thought for far too long, so we are taking action and purging what we don't need!  We filled up the garbage can, a recycle bin, organized what we are keeping, inventoried and separated what will go to the garage sell and made a Goodwill pile.  Phew!
The garage is looking much better and a bit slimmer.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 106 [P!NK]

Michel and I have a bit of a new 'obsession'.
Several months ago we came across Pink's Funhouse tour Live in Australia on Palladia.
We loved the concert so much we bought the DVD.
Several times a month we will sit down and watch it start to finish.
Tonight is one of those nights.
Seriously, it's so good we never tire of it!
It's quite possibly the most entertaining and amazing concert I have ever seen....makes me sad we didn't buy tickets and go see it live last year when she was in Seattle.
She is an amazing talent....totally under-rated in my opinion.
So, if you have never had the pleasure to see this exciting, entertaining and amazing concert, hunt the DVD down and watch it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105 [Privacy]

I love Spring.
For many reasons.
One of them being the fact that we start to regain the privacy we love from our backyard neighbors.  I looked out the window in the dining room this afternoon and realized the leaves are starting to come back on the corner tree which will provide us with complete privacy from the neighbors once it's in full bloom. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 104 [Dear Cowards]

Dear Cowards,
I'm can see you are feeling guilty over your cowardly act yesterday, and you should be!
I took the liberty of doing what you should have done in the first place and had the dog taken to the animal shelter, where the officer who picked her up said she will be adopted for sure.
The fact that you would come back and dump your dogs stuff on my front porch this morning is unbelieveable!  Do you honestly think that we wanted and would keep your dog, just because you placed her on our front porch!? 
I hope you never own another pet as you obviously are not worthy of a pets love!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 103 [Front Porch Surprise]

This picture is blurry....probably because it was taken at 6:25 am this morning, exactly 2 minutes after my husband woke me up to tell me about this! 
That's right, some cowardly, horrible person placed this shakenly scared and I'm sure cold, little dog on our front porch sometime in the middle of the night!
Who does something like that??!!?? 
Our cat is who tipped off my husband to the front door visitor.
I now have a very frightened dog in my garage while I wait for Animal Control to open so I can call them to come pick her up.  In the meantime, my cat is going nuts knowing there is a stranger in his garage!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102 [This Picture Sucks]

Get it!? 
LOL!!  My husband came up with it and encouraged me to use it. 
Danced with the vacuum today.
I prefer not to lead, but this dance partner requires leading.  I would love for it to do a solo dance, suppose if I had a roomba...but I don't, so every week I strap on my dancing shoes and take to the floor with my Lift Off.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101 [A VeggieTale]

In an effort of overall eating better in our house I have taken to serving some sort of salad with dinner every night.  My husband and I usually have a salad with dinner several nights a week, but our son avoids anything green and healthy like the plague! 
That time has come to an end.  We have taken to making him eat a small {very small} salad with dinner (the nerve of  us!).  This is not going over very well, but he's participating with minimal resistance, which is a huge step in this house! 
Tonight I made a fantastic salad that I saw Giada make on her show several months ago.
As someone who does not like dressings/vinaigrettes I saw that her vinaigrette didn't actually use vinegar, so I tried it.  OUTSTANDING!!!
I didn't make the frico cups as I do not have a silpat mat in my kitchen....this will be a near future purchase as I'm dying to know just how much better the salad will be served in a frico cup! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100 [A Whole Lotta Nothin']

It's been a whole lot of this today!
Michel took off for golfing this morning, Bailey planted his seat at the computer desk and after spending the morning in my scrap studio I plopped my tushy on the couch!
Two movies and a bunch of HGTV.
A much needed way to spend a Saturday.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 99 [Real and Fabulous!]

It's a post it! 
How hilarious is that?
I go away with a fantastically funny group of ladies every fall for a scrap weekend.  I'm in charge of booking the house so I also collect all the money to pay for said house.
One of the gals sent me her check today with this hilarious post it attached to it.
Thanks M for making me giggle!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 98 [Painful Pumping]

The prices keep going up!
We were here, at this same station on Tuesday getting a quick $20 fill on our way out.  Today we needed a full fill.....ended up costing us 8 cents more a gallon then if we had just filled up on Tuesday! 
Of course with my 'fancy' car, she requires the premium gasoline, so we are painfully paying $3.29 a gallon.  YUCK! 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 97 [Porch Packages]

Internet shopping = Porch packages!
I love getting boxes in the mailbox or dropped on the porch by the FedEx guy or man in brown.
Today I waited and waited and waited for the FedEx guy to stop by my house.
Finally after 6:30 this evening my porch package arrived! 
Fabulous scrappy items that I got at a really great price and with FREE shipping!
Yeah ME! =)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 96 [Literary Kitty]

The book: Atlas Shrugged
The owner: My Husband
The place: Window Sill in the Living Room
The story:  My husband will read his book in the living room near the window.  When he's done he places the book on the window sill.  The window sill is the cat's domain during the day.  The place he gazes out the window dreaming of the adventures he could have if he were allowed outside, the place he cackles at the birds outside thinking he will entice them near him then pounce, even though there is glass between the two of them.
 He is not fond of this book taking up space on the window sill, his window sill.
Totally cramps his style.
So, he will sit as close as he can to said book and stare at it.  As if to mentally banish it's existence from the house entirely.  Of course I came along with my camera, propped open the book and snapped!
My literary kitty! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 95 [Spring Green]

Our front yard is sportin' Spring Green grass!
I always love the bright green grass that comes after a springtime shower.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 94 [Egglicious]

Happy Easter!
Gathered with my family today for an early afternoon Easter dinner.
Dinner's conversation topic was politics!
Being the only one in the room that leans to the left, it was not as enjoyable a topic for me! Being out numbered 5 to 1 is not fun.
Other then the political talk it was an enjoyable afternoon.
My nephew and little brother dyed some eggs.
This is the first year I have not done this in my own home.
I thought the colorful eggs were delightful, think I'll need to reinstate this next year!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 93 [Elementary, My Dear]

Elementary, my dear, two time two is four.
Elementary, my dear, two time three is six.
Elementary, my dear, two time four is eight.
Elementary, my dear, two time five is ten.

Remember School House Rock!
If only this were that easy!
My husband has recently gone back to school.
He is taking a math placement test next week and wants to do a refresher before subjecting himself to the real test.  Because, you know, we haven't sat around for the past 20 years since high school doing algebraic equations just for fun!
The first question has that funny little o between the 6 and 2.  Stopped him dead in his tracks!  Asked a few people we thought might know but came up empty.  After some serious research online I do believe he has found the answer to what that thing is and how to move forward!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 92 [Standing Still]

Apparently time stands still in our powder room.
I have put a new battery in that clock 3 times in the past 6 weeks!
Either the rechargable batteries we have are losing their power or were not fully charged....or the clock mechanism is going bad.  Will try one more battery before just allowing time to stand still!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 91 [Got Milk?]

Love fresh milk delivered to the house!
I can remember having the milk box on the front porch of my childhood home.  A few years ago the sales rep for the milkman came by the house.  I signed up and haven't looked back since!  The milk is SO good, fresh and free of all the stuff they add to milk these days.
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