Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 362 [Movie Date]

Yes, another picture of paper!
Honestly, the camera has been sitting the past few days as the days have been less then exciting.
Today was spent trading out cable boxes and modems, hooking up the new ones and undecorating Christmas.  We went for a run in the afternoon, our first in 4 days!  Talk about feeling sluggish!
Bailey had a sleep over at a friends, so we headed to the movies.
We attempted to see this on Christmas Day, but because I took too long making my hair look pretty, we missed the start time and bagged it that day.
We were delighted to find out that Tuesday is $1 small popcorn night at our movie theater....$2 if you upgrade to the bucket.  We stuck with the small...that really is more then enough for 2 people!
We really enjoyed The Tourist.
Made for an enjoyable evening out.

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