Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 361 [Lunch Date]

Michel and I headed out to meet a friend and his little girl for lunch today.
I failed to bring my camera out! Boo Hoo!
We enjoyed a good lunch with them at Claim Jumper, even though our waitress was less then chipper.
After lunch Michel and I headed over to Barnes & Noble for a stroll through the book aisles, then decided to 'pop in' over to the mall for a quick look.
NOT a quick pop in or quick look!  Parking was a nightmare! 
We really should have just left when finding a parking spot proved to be difficult, but no, we had to be victorious.  Once we got in the mall it wasn't too bad, but there was nothing of desire to purchase.
So after about 30 minutes of looking around we left, empty handed, and headed for home.

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