Monday, October 31, 2011

October FUN!

 October was certainly filled with fun, fun, FUN!
I ended September and started October with my annual girls scrap weekend!
As always, we had an amazingly fun time!
I have many pictures to prove it, the collage above are the only publicly acceptable photos to share! ;)

 October brings the birthday of this special lady.
Sarah turns 40 this year!
She was not keen on this year's number, nor in celebrating it, but what kind of best friend would I be if I didn't plan something special for this milestone!?
Since her actual birthday is on Halloween, making it difficult to plan something on the day itself, I planned a lunch with her on the 22nd.
She thought it was a lunch for just the two of us, she was quite surprised that it was lunch for 10!
I gathered several of her closest friend to celebrate her special day.
It was a joyous occasion and I'm so happy to pull of such a special surprise for her.

 On the 29th we had the great pleasure of watching the grandbabies for the day.
We were graced with a spectacular fall day!
We picked up the grands and took them to the pumpkin patch.
Little miss Meeka had no interest in the pumpkins, but I believe she found every last mud puddle at the patch!  Emmett enjoyed being in the front pack on his Beste (said like besta, my name for the kids) cooing away.
 It was a full day with the kids and we were tired by the end of the evening, but we enjoyed every last minute of the day!  Grandbabies certainly are a blessing!

The 30th brought birthday #42 for the love of my life.
We met our daughter and her boyfriend for lunch at Michel's favorite pizza place.
Michel requested homemade mac and cheese for his birthday dinner, which I was all too happy to do for him.  I made some cornbread muffins with honey butter and we finished our meal with 3 different cupcakes.  Somehow we had no birthday candles in the house, so no candles to blow out.
Happy Birthday to my love!  You make everyday special!

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