Monday, June 13, 2011

May Sweet 16, Confirmation and a New Place

May brought lots of change and events!
We celebrated our youngest's 16th birthday!
It's hard to believe he's that old.
We have yet to allow him the privilege to get behind the wheel of the car.
A checklist of items needs to be ticked off before that will be allowed to happen.
He started his day off with a stack of 16 pancakes!
We had a big family dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in which he brought along his good friend.

On Mother's Day we made the drive south to our friends who live just north of Vancouver WA.
Their son is our Godson, who had the confirmation of his baptism ceremony in church that morning.
We were happy to be there to witness this major milestone in his life, then enjoy a grill out afterwards socializing with his family.  A good day indeed!

We end this post with how our month started....moving to a new place!
After 9 years in a great house, we realized that we were spending more money then we needed to for a place that was just too large for our current needs.  2 empty rooms and one unused room will bring you to that conclusion quickly, not to mention the fact that we were paying to heat and maintain those empty/unused spaces as well! 
We really desire to move into the city and live a more urban life, but we realize that will be more ideal in 2-3 years, after the youngest is graduated and on his own!
So, we found a great 2 bed 2 bath apt, one mile from the old house, which keeps us in 'our' neighborhood we love so much and the baby in his school. 
New place = new furniture!
I was so happy to get new furniture and I am so in love with it, how it looks, feels, everything!

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