Monday, June 13, 2011

April iphone photos

I have been very remiss this year in picking up my camera and shooting pictures.
I miss it, yet I don't!  When I really miss it is when I look back on my photos from each and every day last year.  Makes me sad I didn't do it again this year! =(
My idea of downsizing to just monthly photos hasn't worked as well since I haven't been using my camera.  I didn't pick it up once in April!  All my photos are from my iphone this month.
We spent the better part of the month packing up to make the move to a new place.
I failed to get photos of that process. 
In place of it we have:
One of our favorite barista's at 'our' Starbucks.  Shelly...she's so much fun and so funny!
Bailey Easter basket!  Michel wanted me to pick up one of those kiddy pre made ones for his Easter this year....just before he turned 16.  It was pretty funny. 
Morgan, snoozing on the sofa one of the Monday's I watched her.
Then we come to the Marinier's game that we went to with some friends.
We had great seats close to the field along the 3rd base line and got a kick out of the hot dog vendor with the hot dog hat! 

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