Monday, January 31, 2011

January Highlights

I didn't pick my camera up much this month.
I missed it less then I thought I would.
I'm still finding my footing for this year's project.
A photo a day is out, so I'm going to just focus on highlights of each month.
This will also go hand in hand with the move in scrapbooking I'm wanting to make.
Simplified and easy.
Highlights for this month:
A beautifully amazing winter sunset.
The addition of lime green (which I'm offically calling Xbox green) to the teen boys room.
Rainy day boots for shopping.
Penguin love note left for me by my sweetheart.
A self portrait before heading to the opera.
Winter afternoon sunbeams.
Heart shaped krispie treats.
Paper heart garland.
Clean me note to remind me to clean the lazy susan.
Double heart mug from my hubby and some fresh baked cookies.
The lazy susan mess that the sticky note reminded me to clean!

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